In this short article I'll highlight why Cannot update a component from inside the function body of a different component warning happened in my specific case and how I fixed it.

The warning is being thrown at GamePageContainer. This component runs a lot of hooks and contains minimal JSX because rendering happens in children. To be able to find the source of warning, I had to disable one hook at a time and re-render the page.

Finally I narrowed down the place of error to this hook:

export const useDispatchPlaying = (playing) => useDispatch()(playingAction(playing));

Because this is called directly in the calling component, as a hook, I noticed that action dispatched here is not wrapped in an effect.

So to get rid of the warning and make React happy, I refactored hook as follows:

export const useDispatchPlaying = (playing) => {
    const dispatch = useDispatch();

  useEffect(() => {
  }, [playing]);

We can see here how indirect a warning message can be and it often requires a systematic approach to eliminate false-positives and carefully read through seamingly valid functions.